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WATCH: Why you shouldn’t avoid fact that U.S. was ‘built on some dark events’ when teaching kids

In thinking about how to teach their children about race and racism in America, University of California, Berkeley sociology professor Prudence Carter told parents not to shy away from the fact “that our society, that our history, our republic was built on some dark events,” and that crimes that occurred in the U.S. such as enslavement, genocide and colonization have helped perpetuate disparities that still exist today.

“Honestly, if we don’t reckon with it, we’ll keep reproducing it in the next generation and we won’t really get justice for all. So I think it’s important for parents to tell the truth in an age-appropriate way,” Carter said. In order to help convey these truths to children, she recommended books such as “Run,” a graphic novel by the late Georgia Representative John Lewis. Carter joined PBS NewsHour’s Amna Nawaz on Tuesday, June 29 to answer viewers’ questions on critical race theory.

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