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WATCH: What being a Muslim American meant growing up after 9/11

As the nation reflected on 9/11 and how their communities were impacted, American Muslims are still reconciling what the last 20 years have meant for them. PBS NewsHour’s Amna Nawaz on Sept. 14 spoke with Kashif Shaikh, Co-Founder and President of Pillars Fund, about how Muslim Americans grappled with identity after 9/11.

“Muslims are so diverse and every single [person] has their own story,” Shaikh said.
Shaikh, who grew up in the Cincinnati suburbs, said he had always seen his Muslim identity as centering around basic values like giving to charity or being kind to parents and neighbors. But after 9/11, he felt his identity was questioned.

“For me, the change after 9/11 that was so interesting — and at points crippling — was that all of a sudden your identity was completely under interrogation,” Shaikh said.

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