Volunteer Job Descriptions


The Auctioneer reads the description for the item being presented. Each item has a prepared script for the auctioneer to read.

Bid Caller

The Bid Caller collects the highest bid from the Bid Sorter and calls the bid via
telephone to the Board Marker.

Bid Marker

A bid marker will be needed during live auctions only. They will keep the phone
operators and auctioneer aware of the highest live bid by marking on large boards. There will be 2 bid markers, one on each side of the phone banks.

Bid Runner

The Bid Runner takes individual bid slips from the telephone operators to the Bid

Bid Sorter

Receives the bids from the Bid Runner, sorts through them and determines the
highest bid for each item. The Bid Sorter manages the sorting for an entire board.

Board Marker

The Board Marker updates the board with the highest bid for the item. Updating the board is important in making sure we get the highest bid possible for an item. This is the only means of communicating the current bid of an item to our viewers.

Camera Operator

Camera operators operate the studio camera for live televised events, such as our
membership drives and auctions. They frames shots, follow the action, and perform live zooms, pans, dollies and trucks. They are responsible for giving time cues and making sure talent sees cues. A volunteer camera operator generally operates camera for the entire night, 30 minutes at a time with 30 minute breaks in between each shift.
They must be able to stand for at least a half-hour at a time and have steady hands. If the operator needs to cancel, a 2 day notice is appreciated.

Character Actor

The character actor will wear a costume and meet with children at a WPBS-DT event. The character will be accompanied by a handler at all times. The volunteer must be aware that these are heavy costumes and it may be very warm inside the costume. Appropriate rest breaks will be given out of view of the children. This volunteer position requires 1-2 hours.


Confirmation calls the high bidder of an item to confirm all information about the
bid, the item and the buyer.


Works with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Event Manager to greet guests/
volunteers, sign them in, help them find their place in the auction and provide
refreshments throughout the evening.

Master Sorter

Once a board has been closed to bidding, all high bids from that board are given to the Master Sorter. The Master Sorter checks the bids for errors, and then gives the approved bids to the Bid Runner. The Bid Runner then takes them to Confirmation.

Phone Captain

The Phone Captain stands with the Telephone Operators to help answer questions
from callers and operators. The Phone Captain will help keep the flow of theĀ  bidding process moving.

Telephone Operator

A Telephone Operator answers phones and takes personal information from the
caller during our live events. The operator should have a pleasant demeanor and
represents WPBS-DT with the caller.

Vanna Presenter

As the name suggests, presents or shows off the item up for bid. They will help
show the item details and demonstrate use of the item.