Monday, July 22, 2024

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UN chief ‘distressed’ by Israel’s Gaza siege plan

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an end to the decades-long cycle of “bloodshed, hatred and polarization” between Israel and the Palestinians on Monday. His comments come after three days of deadly conflict after Hamas militants stormed into Israeli towns and Israel’s military struck back over the weekend.

“Israel must see its legitimate needs for security materialized, and Palestinians must see a clear perspective for the establishment of their own state realized,” Guterres told reporters.

He also shared his concerns about Israel’s plan to lay siege to the Gaza Strip.
“The humanitarian situation in Gaza was extremely dire before these hostilities,” he said. “Now it will only deteriorate exponentially.”

Nearly 1,600 people have been killed since the active conflict started, including 11 Americans.

“I recognize the legitimate grievances of the Palestinian people. But nothing can justify these acts of terror and the killing, maiming and abduction of civilians,” Guterres said.

At the same time, while Guterres recognized Israel’s security concerns, he said the country’s “military operations must be conducted in strict accordance with international humanitarian law.”

Dan Cooney, Cecilia Lallmann and Jackie Hai produced and edited this post.

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