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Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Home Video Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse | New York's Seaway Lighthouses | WPBS Short...

Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse | New York’s Seaway Lighthouses | WPBS Short Flix

– Erected in1875 along Lake Ontario’s shoreline, near the mouth of Golden Hill Creek.
– The light got its name from being located at a point 30 miles east of the Niagara River
– The Lighthouse was erected to warn vessels of a treacherous sandbar and dangerous shoal where several vessels had been shipwrecked
– With the erosion of the sandbar, the need for the light had ended, and in, 1958, the light was extinguished.
– The Coast Guard recently placed a new light in the tower.
– Today the lighthouse is located on the grounds of Golden Hill State Park and is open to the public during the summer

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