Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Student’s opinions about the connection between an individual’s past and present

Students across the country watched how adults handled the allegations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. We reached out to our network to get their opinions about the connection between an individual’s past and present. How and when should one be held accountable for their actions as children or teenagers.


Bridgeland High School
Jalyn Haynes
as a teenager you’re always told how what you do now can affect your future. So I think accountability is really important.

Madison High School
Bridger Stoddard
I think that once they’ve paid the consequence [for their actions] that people should just move on from it and it should be over with.

Etiwanda High School
during your teenage years you’re more prone to make mistakes and learn from them. But it does depend on the severity of the mistakes that you do take part in as a teenager.

Madison High School
Jared Miskin
I don’t believe adults should be held accountable for their actions as children but I do believe for some of their actions, some of their major life choices, that they make as teenagers they should be held accountable for, at least for a major section of their first half of their life.

Communication Arts High School
Henna Punjabi
when it comes to things like rape allegations, and drug possession and DUIs, those things stay with you for life for a reason and I think those things we should bring up later.

Daniel Pearl
Daniel Pearl Magnet
I think that a big part of being a teenager is doing irresponsible things that probably are not in our best interest in order to learn and grow from them. And so I think that while some maybe more mature teenagers think about the repercussions not all of them do.

Fort Mill High School
Eneida Weinman
I do believe this generation is more aware of protecting their “brand” because we have social media unlike my parents’ generation where they could do something and it not be documented or, you know, seen by everyone in the school. It would be seen by maybe a couple people, whereas now everyone sees, everyone knows.

Hunter Dest
Hypothetically if one of my friends, let’s say, was to get an MIP [minor in possession] and get it expunged or erased from their record, technically people still know about it because of social media. On social media literally, everybody finds out about everything, so nothing is technically ever gone because you can’t really erase something that happened.

Arsenal Tech High School
As teens, we gotta watch what we post because you reap what your sow and then it can eventually come back for you later.

Patrick Phillips
Let’s just say, it could really screw you up. Say you’re getting a job, they can look on your Facebook and see all that stuff you post and think hey, this is not the person I wanna hire.

F V Pankow Center
Ethan Alwardt
3:40 – 4:02 if you made like a stupid tweet or a dumb instagram photo or facebook post like they can look that up and be like “wow this kid was not thinking at this time, how do
we know he’s going to be perfect for our job?” so…