Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Putin’s Attack On Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes (trailer) | FRONTLINE + @Associated Press

FRONTLINE and The @Associated Press go inside Russia’s war on Ukraine, tracing a pattern of atrocities committed by Russian troops with a focus on the Kyiv suburbs, such as Bucha, where some of the most shocking carnage was found.

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In a 90-minute special investigation, FRONTLINE and the AP uncover exclusive evidence that links possible war crimes in Bucha through the chain of command to one of Russia’s top generals — evidence that prosecutors hope might help build a case against Russian President Vladimir Putin in court. But the joint investigation also explores the challenges of trying to hold Putin and other Russian leaders to account.

“Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes” premieres in full Tues., Oct. 25, 2022, on PBS and online. Learn more:

The documentary is part of a larger editorial collaboration between FRONTLINE and AP that also includes War Crimes Watch Ukraine, a multiplatform initiative through which the two organizations have now gathered, verified and comprehensively catalogued more than 500 potential war crimes since Russia invaded Ukraine. Learn more:

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