Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Protecting students

For many schools across the country, the school resource officer is the first line of defense against a potential school shooting. But at Manor High School in Texas, students are protected by a local sheriff deputy and a contracted security firm.

Story by Manor High School

Editor: Kimberly Hernandez

Production Assistants: Henry Arzate, Michael Braxton, D’Juan Crittenden, Fernando Hernandez, Karen Reyes and Autumn Syfret

Producers/Camera Operators: Miguel Cano, Karla Cornelio, Emma Dominguez, Luisa Garcia, Joi McBrayer, Carolina Ricario and Marielos Sarmiento

Reporter: Luisa Garcia
Special thanks to: Lynn Boswell, Peter Jiang, Gary Millikan and Christopher Sanchez

SRL Adviser: Rakeda L. Ervin

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