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PBS NewsHour full episode, Sept. 7, 2021

Tuesday on the NewsHour, the Taliban announces a new government amid protests and an economic crisis. Then, some Gulf Coast Americans regain power but many remain stranded in sweltering conditions as President Joe Biden surveys the damage in the Northeast. And, the New Jersey town that lost more residents in the 9/11 attacks than anywhere else outside New York City reflects on that tragic day.

What we know about the Taliban men who will form Afghanistan’s interim government

Two experts on Afghanistan’s ‘caretaker’ government and its ties to other terrorist groups

News Wrap: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill limiting all-night, mail-in voting

Most of New Orleans regains power, but many across Gulf Coast still waiting

Much of Africa is struggling with vaccine access. Should Western nations rethink boosters?

Middletown lost the most residents on 9/11 after NYC. Here’s how the community is healing

How national unity after 9/11 turned into polarization today

This art exhibition explores American identity and life by the sea

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