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PBS NewsHour full episode, Sept. 14, 2020

Monday on the NewsHour, the West’s wildfire disaster highlights differences between President Trump and Joe Biden on climate change. Plus: New Orleans braces for Hurricane Sally, Oregon’s fire devastation, the science behind increasing western wildfires, coronavirus spreads through a crisis-stricken Syria, Politics Monday, a Wisconsin family copes with the pandemic and reviving Gullah music.

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What Trump and Biden think about fires and climate change

News Wrap: Belarus’ besieged Lukashenko meets with Putin

The ‘dangerous’ threat posed by slow-moving Hurricane Sally

Oregon grapples with converging crises of fires and pandemic

How climate change ‘exacerbates’ wildfires in American West

Syria’s government ‘not concerned at all’ about virus crisis

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on politics and science

A family’s fight to survive a 10-year prison sentence

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