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PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct. 4, 2021

Monday on the NewsHour, we look into the deepening standoff between President Joe Biden and Senate Republicans over raising the debt ceiling. Then, a major oil spill off the coast of Southern California threatens wildlife as crews race to contain the damage. And, the Supreme Court takes on abortion, gun rights and more divisive issues as it starts a new term.

Biden accuses GOP of playing ‘Russian roulette’ with economy

News Wrap: UN condemns Libya’s treatment of migrants

Biden officials to enforce Trump-era trade deal with China

Southern California oil spill could be ‘ecological disaster’

‘Pandora Papers’ expose finances of world leaders, the rich

Supreme Court to hear arguments on abortion, guns this term

What caused the Facebook outage and how it affected users

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on debt limit, infrastructure

Pakistani musician Arooj Aftab blends Rumi with reggae

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