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PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct. 27, 2020

Tuesday on the NewsHour, President Trump and Joe Biden make a flurry of campaign appearances as Election Day approaches. Plus: Why record numbers of Americans are voting early, police kill a Black man in Philadelphia, Trump’s domestic policy agenda, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the rise of Republican women congressional candidates, China’s PPE production and funding the arts through crisis.

Candidates dash to swing states while millions cast ballots

What record early voting numbers tell us about the election

News Wrap: Barrett formally sworn in to U.S. Supreme Court

Police shooting of a Black man sparks Philadelphia protests

Trump’s domestic policy adviser on stimulus, replacing ACA

Lightfoot: Chicago’s rising COVID cases are ‘great concern’

What’s driving surge in GOP women running for Congress

What China’s dominance of PPE market means for the U.S.

This program looks to the past to ensure artists’ futures

Paul Tough answers questions on ‘Helping Children Succeed’

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