Sunday, December 5, 2021

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HomeVideoPBS NewsHour full episode, Oct. 26, 2021

PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct. 26, 2021

Tuesday on the NewsHour, progressives are forced to sacrifice their top priorities as Democrats scramble to reach a deal on the Biden spending bill. Then, a turbulent weather system threatens millions of Americans as a storm moves across the country. And, how jobs requiring a four-year degree are fueling income inequality while disproportionately affecting people of color and rural Americans.

Dems make progress on Biden agenda, but deal may take time

News Wrap: FDA advisers back Pfizer vaccine for kids 5 to 11

NY, NJ declare emergency as big storm hits U.S. Northeast

Why cuts to proposed federal paid leave policy may hurt U.S.

Congress grills social media execs about impact on kids

One Afghan refugee on her ‘desperate hope’ for her homeland

Jobs requiring college degrees disqualify most U.S. workers

California faces rise in water theft by illegal pot farms

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