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PBS NewsHour full episode, Oct.19, 2020

Monday on the NewsHour, with the election only 15 days away, the candidates traverse the country to appeal to voters. Plus: COVID-19 relief negotiations in Congress, what providers are seeing as the pandemic rages in the West and Midwest, caregivers in crisis, fear as a political campaign tactic, Politics Monday with Tamara Keith and Amy Walter and an essay on interracial friendships.

Campaigns clash over Trump’s pandemic response

Can Congress agree on COVID-19 relief before the election?

News Wrap: DOJ charges 6 Russians with hacking

Virus rages in rural states with limited medical resources

A public health expert on the ‘darkest part’ of pandemic

How the pandemic has pushed American caregivers into crisis

How fear-based campaigning is affecting American voters

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on early voting

An essay on the importance of interracial friendships

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