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PBS NewsHour full episode, Nov. 4, 2021

Thursday on the NewsHour, what the new federal vaccine mandate and looming deadline mean for workers and large businesses. Congress moves closer to passing a revised version of the president’s major infrastructure and spending legislation, but questions remain about the bills’ fate. How endangered glaciers help us understand earth’s atmospheric history and may provide clues to stop climate change.

Sec. Walsh on federal vaccine rules and penalties

News wrap: Judge in Rittenhouse murder trial dismisses juror

Pelosi says Build Back Better bill ‘solidly paid for’

Why a majority-white jury will hear Ahmaud Arbery case

Georgia’s top voting official on defending the 2020 election

Tigray’s humanitarian crisis worsened by ongoing conflict

Glacier ice records how climate change impacts the Earth

New book shows how disinformation, mistrust fueled pandemic

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