Saturday, October 16, 2021

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PBS NewsHour full episode, May 5, 2021

Wednesday on the NewsHour, we look at the implications of the Biden administration’s decision to lift COVID-19 patent protections in order to help other countries in need. Then, we discuss the president’s ambitious agenda and other hot button issues with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And, a look at the decision to suspend former President Donald Trump from Facebook, and whether he’ll ever return.

News Wrap: GOP moves to oust Liz Cheney from House position

Waiving vaccine patent rights may help end the pandemic

Bolsonaro faces criminal investigation over COVID response

Pelosi says GOP in ‘strong denial’ about Jan. 6 riot

Board member explains decision to keep Trump off Facebook

Why experts call the COVID-19 death benefit ‘deeply flawed’

How cultural forces at play in the 1970’s influenced America

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