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PBS NewsHour full episode, May 27, 2021

Thursday on the NewsHour, the proposal for a bipartisan commission to investigate the violent assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters meets Republican opposition. President Biden orders intelligence officials to redouble efforts to uncover the origins of COVID-19. And, hundreds of thousands of veterans return home with illnesses yet struggle to get benefits from the Veterans Affairs department.

An early look at Biden’s proposed budget plan

Why approving a Jan. 6 commission remains an uphill battle

News Wrap: San Jose shooter targeted specific coworkers

Why the US is re-investigating the COVID ‘lab leak’ theory

On the culture of leniency, lack of oversight at the ATF

Gov. Murphy on NJ’s ‘very strong’ position to reopen schools

Veterans exposed to ‘burn pits’ struggle to get care 

How fossil fuel shakeups, legal losses affect climate change

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