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PBS NewsHour full episode, May 21, 2021

Friday on the NewsHour, a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas holds, but tensions are high as both sides claim victory. Then, we look at the enormous vaccine gap between rich and poor countries, as the virus surges in the developing world. And, a look at how the emotion and trauma following George Floyd’s murder is finding its way into artistic expression.

Both sides claim victory in Israel-Hamas war

News Wrap: MN AG to prosecute cop who killed Daunte Wright

4 ways the US can help stem COVID deaths globally

The bigger battle at stake in the Apple and Epic Games case

Brooks and Capehart on Israel-Hamas truce, Jan. 6 commission

In memory of 5 wonderful people lost to COVID-19 in the US

After 25 years of resilience, will the WNBA see equality?

How George Floyd’s image became a street art icon

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