Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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PBS NewsHour full episode, May 21, 2020

Thursday on the NewsHour, the U.S. sees millions more jobless claims, although they appear to be plateauing. Plus: Modeling the spread of COVID-19 if Americans had locked down earlier, Gov. Ralph Northam on reopening Virginia, U.S. plans to withdraw from another nuclear treaty, pandemic implications for retail, the risks faced by transportation workers and Ask Us about coronavirus transmission.

U.S. sees another 2.4 million jobless claims amid pandemic

New COVID-19 model shows why early action matters

News Wrap: Powerful cyclone batters India, Bangladesh

Why Gov. Ralph Northam delayed reopening parts of Virginia

U.S. cites Russian treaty violations as cause for withdrawal

How the pandemic has pushed U.S. retail to brink of collapse

Can transit workers be kept safe among crowds of passengers?

A virologist answers questions on coronavirus transmission

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