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PBS NewsHour full episode, May 17, 2021

Monday on the NewsHour, we look at the violence in the Middle East as rockets continue to fly into Israel, and Israelis hammer Gaza with heavy airstrikes. Then, we talk to the president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, as U.S. troops leave his country and violence escalates. And, we explore why Americans are divided on whether or not to follow new CDC guidance relaxing mask and distancing rules.

Families bear the brunt of Israeli-Hamas conflict in Gaza

News Wrap: Biden to send 20 million COVID-19 vaccines abroad

Afghanistan ‘ready’ for Taliban violence after US withdrawal

An emergency room physician on the relaxed COVID guidelines

Is the Supreme Court looking to overturn Roe v. Wade?

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on race, Capitol insurrection 

Should Native Americans control national parks?

How the pandemic disrupted the lives of American students

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