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PBS NewsHour full episode, Mar. 24, 2021

Wednesday on the NewsHour, our team is at the southern border as Congress and the Biden administration confront what is at stake with immigration reform. Then, two mass shootings expose the prevalence of firearm violence in the U.S. and the struggle to stop the trauma. Plus, we cover abuse in the military as leaders look to spur ideas from soldiers to stop sexual assault.

Biden tasks Harris with diplomatic efforts to stem migration 

News Wrap: Republicans slam Dem. elections bill as partisan

Labor Secretary Walsh to focus on ‘building back better’

Stopping military sexual assault through personal experience

Gillibrand: military sexual assault a worsening ‘epidemic’

Can latest mass shootings be a springboard for gun control?

Illinois city approves reparations for Black residents

 A Brief But Spectacular take on valuing caregivers

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