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PBS NewsHour full episode, June 25, 2020

Thursday on the NewsHour, new coronavirus infections are spreading faster across the U.S., with more than half of states reporting notable case increases. Plus: House Democrats’ police reform bill, John Bolton on President Trump, record heat in the Arctic, tensions rise between North and South Korea, food-delivery apps’ business viability and being a 911 dispatcher during a pandemic.

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Governors not doing enough to contain virus, says expert

News Wrap: Supreme Court backs Trump on quick deportations

Rep. Karen Bass on changing a police culture of ‘impunity’

Why John Bolton says he didn’t testify during impeachment

Why a ‘feverish’ Arctic will affect everyone on the globe

Why peace on the Korean Peninsula remains elusive

The fragile business model of food-delivery apps

What this 911 dispatcher says to callers dying of COVID-19

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