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PBS NewsHour full episode, June 22, 2021

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Monday on the NewsHour, the U.S. Senate takes on election reform in a contentious fight. Then, how much of Mosul remains in ruins amid sluggish reconstruction efforts, years after the battle to retake the city from ISIS. And, tribal universities begin to recover from the pandemic that exacerbated their unique struggles to reach students.

Where Democrats compromised to get Sen. Manchin’s support 

Sen. Thune: Federal voting bill won’t restore trust in vote

Sen. Padilla: Democrats now closer to reforming filibuster

News Wrap: 900 Secret Service agents got COVID in one year

Leftover mines, dead bodies haunt Mosul years after ISIS war

How COVID ‘knocked the wind out of’ Navajo Nation colleges

Military moves to fix failures in addressing sexual assault 

How Nassib’s coming out could impact ‘macho’ NFL attitudes

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