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HomeVideoPBS NewsHour full episode, June 12, 2020

PBS NewsHour full episode, June 12, 2020

Warning: Tonight’s In Focus segment contains disturbing imagery.

Friday on the NewsHour, the movement to eliminate symbols of the Confederacy continues to gain steam. Plus: NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace on changing his sport, how young Americans are approaching this pivotal moment in culture and society, the analysis of Mark Shields and David Brooks, remembering victims of the coronavirus and a look at photography’s role in documenting social change.

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News Wrap: Trump defends planned rally in Tulsa on June 19

Is this the end for public monuments to the Confederacy?

Driver Bubba Wallace on welcoming new fans to NASCAR

How Gen-Z is approaching this historic moment of change

Shields and Brooks on Americans’ changing views of policing

Remembering 5 more victims of the coronavirus

The camera’s role in documenting a critical social movement

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