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PBS NewsHour full episode, July 30, 2020

Thursday on the NewsHour, data from the second quarter of the year shows the worst U.S. economic collapse since the Great Depression. Plus: Medical experts urge the U.S. to change its approach to coronavirus, congressional testimony from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the struggling antibiotics industry, the return of professional sports and remembering John Lewis and his legacy of action.

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How long we can expect U.S. economic catastrophe to endure

News Wrap: NASA launches rover Perseverance to Mars

Health experts say the U.S. needs a new approach to COVID-19

Why a Senate committee is questioning Pompeo

How crumbling antibiotics infrastructure risks public health

The NBA is set to resume play. But can it do so safely?

Remembering John Lewis, an American civil rights icon

At John Lewis’ Atlanta funeral, legacy of activism and hope

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