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PBS NewsHour full episode, July 16, 2020

Thursday on the NewsHour, President Trump changes his campaign staff as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens. Plus: The politics of wearing face masks, how Trump is advancing his political agenda, cyber intrusions with global impact, racial disparities in American health outcomes, Italy’s recovery from coronavirus crisis, surviving COVID-19 and a Brief But Spectacular take on reimagining doctor’s visits.

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Trump changes campaign staff as poll numbers drop

A Ga. mayor on ‘frustrating’ political battle over masks

News Wrap: EU to reduce data sharing with U.S. tech giants

The policy wins Trump is handing his base during pandemic

What high-profile hacking attacks say about cybersecurity

Why COVID-19 is disproportionately killing Black Americans

In Italy, pandemic’s economic harm gives rise to a new poor

Stories of hope and resilience from COVID-19 survivors

A prescription for improving health outcomes among the poor

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