Monday, July 22, 2024

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PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan. 15, 2024

Monday on the NewsHour, Iowans face freezing temperatures in the first electoral contest of 2024. The actions of Iranian-backed groups in the Middle East raise the threat of drawing the United States into a wider regional conflict. Plus, the politics of immigration become deadly as a woman and two children drown trying to enter the country amid a standoff between Texas and federal officials.

Iowans face freezing temperatures in 1st contest of 2024

Arctic blast grips much of U.S. bringing brutal temperatures

News Wrap: Hamas releases video showing bodies of 2 hostages

Iranian-backed groups raise threat of wider Mideast conflict

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Iowa caucus expectations

Rep. Cuellar on Texas border dispute after migrant deaths

How a $100M donation is a game-changer for HBCUs

‘Eve’ dispels human evolution myths and female body’s role

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