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HomeVideoPBS NewsHour full episode, Feb. 17, 2022

PBS NewsHour full episode, Feb. 17, 2022

Thursday on the NewsHour, shelling in eastern Ukraine sparks dire warnings that Russia could be concocting a pretext for invasion. Then, we ask Dr. Anthony Fauci about the uncertain future of COVID-19 amid changing of public health guidelines. Also, the other former police officers charged in the killing of George Floyd are cross-examined about whether they should have intervened.

The West warns Ukraine shelling may lead to Russian invasion

News Wrap: Florida moves to ban abortions after 15 weeks

Fauci on the future of COVID amid changing health guidelines

Minnesota trial highlights officers’ duty to intervene

Conspiracy theories rampant in personal wellness community

New book probes Constance Baker Motley’s civil right legacy

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