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HomeVideoPBS NewsHour full episode August 22, 2019

PBS NewsHour full episode August 22, 2019

Thursday on the NewsHour, tensions between Japan and South Korea heighten with the end of an intelligence-sharing agreement. Plus: The latest from the 2020 campaign trail, economic consequences of the rising U.S. deficit, the risks of guns with high-capacity magazines, regulating European cruise ships, the long economic legacy of slavery and a brief but spectacular take on social anxiety.

News Wrap: White House won’t slash $4 billion in foreign aid

2020 Democrats lose Inslee amid rumors of new GOP challenger

How Japan-South Korea rift reflects decades of resentment

What skyrocketing federal debt means for the next recession

How capping magazine size could save lives in mass shootings

Why some European ports are fed up with cruise liners

Sugar, slavery and ‘commitment to truth’ in U.S. history

When back to school means a return to social anxiety

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