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PBS NewsHour full episode, Aug. 17, 2020

Monday on the NewsHour, the Democratic National Convention begins, with virtual events occurring at locations around the country. Plus: A convention debrief, the political fight over the U.S. Postal Service intensifies, Sen. Chris Coons on Joe Biden’s candidacy, Politics Monday with Amy Walter and Tamara Keith, uproar in Belarus over election results and Iowa reels from a devastating wind storm.

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Democrats kick off unprecedented virtual convention

How Democrats, Trump are approaching a big week in politics

A former USPS  board chair on mail-in ballots and Trump

Sen. Coons on how Biden can unite America in time of crisis

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Biden’s DNC, Trump vs. USPS

News Wrap: Virus outbreak sends UNC-Chapel Hill back online

Do ‘extraordinary’ Belarus protests threaten Lukashenko?

A week after wind storm, Iowa faces ‘humanitarian crisis’

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