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HomeVideoPBS NewsHour full episode, Apr 20, 2020

PBS NewsHour full episode, Apr 20, 2020

Monday on the NewsHour, protesters demand U.S. government restrictions be lifted despite the continued spread of COVID-19. Plus: The price of oil tanks, evaluating the risks of reopening the U.S., the pandemic’s effect on agriculture, Brazil’s president minimizes the public health threat, a fragile Afghanistan confronts COVID-19, Politics Monday and an essential worker on taking out the trash.

Crowds protest restrictions as health experts warn of risks

Troubled global oil market tanks amid pandemic’s demand drop

News Wrap: Nova Scotia reels as mass shooting kills 18

The ‘fantasy’ that normal American life will resume in weeks

How COVID-19 is causing chaos for American agriculture

Brazil’s people fear COVID-19 threat their president denies

Can politically fragile Afghanistan combat COVID-19?

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on U.S. pandemic response polls

The special hazards of collecting garbage during a pandemic

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