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PBS NewsHour full episode, Apr 16, 2020

Thursday on the NewsHour, President Trump announces guidelines for ending pandemic shutdowns, as officials continue to debate when it will be safe to reopen businesses. Plus: Stories from Americans suffering the pandemic’s economic fallout, aid dries up for small businesses, can the airline industry survive COVID-19, ongoing debate over the origins of the novel coronavirus and much more.

Virus has taken millions of U.S. jobs, over 32,000 lives

Personal stories of the pandemic’s economic fallout

Why congressional relief for small business ran out so fast

Pandemic’s economic devastation even broader than it appears

Evaporation of travel sector threatens airlines’ survival

News Wrap: Election victory for South Korea’s ruling party

Debate resurfaces over origins of novel coronavirus

A Brooklyn ICU nurse on not feeling like a superhero

Desperate for N95 masks, researchers test decontamination

Testing still a roadblock for Trump plan to reopen economy

A Brief But Spectacular take on surviving COVID-19

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