Sunday, November 27, 2022

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PBS News Weekend full episode, May 8, 2022

Sunday on PBS News Weekend, a Russian strike kills civilians sheltering in a school, while the last Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol vow to fight to the death. Then, as pressure builds on President Biden to cancel some student loan debt, we look at the options he’s considering and who would benefit. Plus, India’s heat wave draws attention to the deadly costs of climate change.

Russian strike kills dozens of civilians in eastern Ukraine

News Wrap: China loyalist elected as Hong Kong’s next leader

India’s heat wave shows real-world impact of climate change

Senate Democrats seek to codify abortion rights into law

Mother’s Day inspiration from a family on the move

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00:00 – Full Episode
02:09 – Russian Invasion
05:09 – News Wrap
07:17 – Canceling Student Debt
11:30 – India Heat Wave
15:24 – Weekend Briefing
22:51 – Mother’s Inspiration