Season 8

Episdodes 801 & 802 - Eye of the Tiger Parts 1 & 2

Wilson loves animals, especially anything feline. He kicks off Season 8 with his painting of a Bengal tiger, one of the biggest and most fearless predators of the jungle.

Episode 803 - December Sunrise

Wilson demonstrates his technique of using oil glazes over an acrylic underpainting to create a crisp snowy woodland scene.

Episodes 804 & 805 - Making an Impression, Parts 1 & 2

Wilson uses only a painting knife to create a vase full of colorful flowers.

Episodes 806 & 807 - Swan Duet Parts 1 & 2

Wilson demonstrates his “Paint Smart, Not Hard” technique to create a pair of graceful waterfowl.

Episode 808 - Evening Palms

The sun’s about to slip below the horizon, and the evening palms are swaying in the breeze. Wilson reveals his techniques to create a striking tropical sunset.

Episodes 809 & 810 - Snow Glow Parts 1 & 2

It’s cold and blustery outside, and a red barn sits in a snowy pasture waiting for the farmer to take care of the evening’s chores.

Episode 811 - Misty Morning Haze

Wilson focuses on his technique of creating a hazy atmospheric look with this early summer sunrise painting of a farmer’s pasture, complete with a distant rustic barn.

Episodes 812 & 813 - Ocean Afternoon Parts 1 & 2

Wilson can almost hear the waves lapping at the shore as the soft breeze blows through the seagrasses dotting the beach.

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