Season 7

Episode 701 - Fetching the Tree

Wilson is in the holiday spirit as he paints a slice of Americana: an old truck bringing home the Christmas tree.

Episodes 702 & 703 - Snowy Owl

Wilson loves to paint birds, and this Snowy Owl is on the prowl! In part 1, Wilson paints the background sky, trees, and snow. In part 2, Wilson details the owl and his perch, a tree stump coated in snow.

Episodes 704 & 705 - Bridging The Gap (Covered Bridge)

Old covered barns have a lot of character and interest, especially if you’re an artist. In part one, Wilson creates the background, grass, and pebble-strewn road. In part two, Wilson develops the old, rustic covered bridge.

Episode 706 - Saguaro Silhouette

It gets chilly in the desert at night, but we’ll catch the last rays of warmth from this desert sunset. Wilson uses a variety of yellows, pinks, purples, reds, and oranges to create a magnificent sunset against saguaro cactus silhouettes.

Episodes 707 & 708 - Catch a Wave

Wilson demonstrates how to paint the move and movement of ocean waves. In part one, he details the background and begins constructing the wave. In part two, he details the finishes the crashing ocean wave.

Episode 709 - Moonlit Pines

Today’s show features a very special guest artist: Wilson’s 11-year-old granddaughter, Lauren. Wilson gets many requests from people asking about painting with their children and grandchildren. “Moonlit Pines” is a fun and easy project using only a few basic brushes and paints.

Episodes 710 & 711 - Potted Geraniums

Wilson has a green thumb when it comes to painting potted geraniums! In part one, Wilson establishes the background and the garden-encrusted clay pot. In part two, Wilson shows how to add detail to the flowers and leaves.

Episodes 712 & 713 - Feathered Friend

A bright red cardinal is perched on a rustic, antique water pump, enjoying the beautiful summer day. In part one, Wilson establishes the background. In part two, Wilson details the bird and the water pump.

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