Season 6 Episode Materials

601 – Breaking Trail

Snowshoeing, skiing, and ice-fishing are all about getting out and enjoying Mother Nature on a cold winter’s day.   Wilson creates a winter scene in a meadow with two cross-country skiiers.


602-603 – Remember When

In days gone by, folks would have to venture out to the old well-pump to fetch a pail of water.  Today’s generation has probably never experienced that chore, but many of us ‘older folk’ have.  Do you Remember When?  In part 1, Wilson defines the background setting and the house.



604 – Monument Valley Moonlight

It gets blistering hot in the desert in the daytime, but the nights can be very cool.  Wilson demonstrates how to paint an evening scene from Monument Valley.



605-606 – Evening Egret

It’s getting late and the sun is setting on another beautiful day.  This fellow egret is coming out to try his luck for dinner.  Fish or frog, its all good to him.  In part 1, Wilson develops the background and sets the mood for Evening Egret. In part 2, Wilson gets to the “fun part” adding all the details!



607 – Hazy City Morning

Wilson is a country boy, born and bred! But the city has a charm and beauty all it’s own.  It’s early morning, and the city is covered in a light shroud of fog emanating from the river.



608-609 – North Pasture Gate

It’s a beautiful autumn day, so let’s take a hike through the meadow down to the pond.  We’ll have to pass through the “North Pasture Gate” along the way.  In part 1, Wilson develops the background sky and foliage. In part 2, it’s time to complete all the details.



610 – Stony Stream

Bring your fishing pole and we’ll see if the fish are biting in our “Stony Stream.” Wilson shares his techniques for achieving realistic results.



611-612 – One Summer Day

Old barns are a favorite painting subject of Wilson’s, and he shares his great techniques for achieving realistic results.  In part 1, he underpaints the barn and develops the background. In part 2, it’s time to glaze and detail the barn to bring this painting to a finish.



613 – Tiger Swallowtail

They say big things can come in small packages.  Wilson demonstrates how to paint a beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on a small canvas.