Season 4 Episode Materials

401 and 402 – Warm Winter Birches

A soft pink and blue sky lends warmth to snow-covered birch trees perched on the edge of a frozen pond. Wilson demonstrates his easy-to-follow technique of creating realistic birch trees.


403 – Approaching Storm

An evening summer lightning storm has the occupants of a quaint lakeside village hunkered down safely in their well-lit homes. Wilson shows how to create mood and character in a stormy sky.



404 and 405 – June Afternoon

Armed with just two painting knives and a few select oil paints, Wilson paints a rustic country barn sitting near a meadow full of summer flowers.



406 – Canada Honkers

Birds are one of Wilson’s favorite subjects to paint. On a beautiful spring day, a pair of Canada geese fly over a bed of cattails, searching for a place to land.



407 and 408 – New England Light

It’s fall, but the shipping season is still in full swing. A lighthouse guards a rocky shoreline on a New England coast. Wilson demonstrates his Paint Smart, Not Hard technique to create realistic water and rocks.



409 – In the Wee Hours

Late at night on a warm, starry summer’s eve, two horses, silhouetted against dramatic clouds, graze in a pasture. Wilson demonstrates an easy technique used to create a sky full of stars.


410 and 411 – Let’s Go Fly a Kite

It’s June, and the meadow is full of flowers of nearly every color. It’s a perfect day to fly a kite! Wilson shows how to personalize the child flying the kite to look like the artist’s child or grandchild through use of hair color, skin tone, and clothing.



412 and 413 – Chickadee on Birch

Snow is on the birch tree, but spring is coming and our little chickadee can’t wait! Wilson uses his Paint Smart, Not Hard technique to effortlessly create the chickadee and birch tree.