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Since 2006, WPBS has partnered with the New York Energy Research and Development Authority to provide energy education in the North Country under the banner “Energy Efficiency: Enhancing Home Performance.” WPBS has produced six documentaries, a 4th to 6th grade classroom DVD “Clean Energy Across New York: A Virtual Field Trip”, Quick Tips, and a DVD “Becoming a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Contractor” that introduces contractors to NYSERDA&#8217s ENERGY STAR® program. We&#8217ve also featured energy experts on our live call-in program, WPBS Live. In addition, WPBS and NYSERDA have held three Energy Expos and many community workshops, including some workshops in conjunction with Jefferson Community College.

Small Wind Electric Systems – Consumer Education

This workshop will cover various aspects of grid-tie and off-grid
small wind electric systems. Some of the topics to be covered
will be NYSERDA incentives, wind site evaluation, tower
options, tower economics, wind turbine selection and
system performance issues. (CED 211 701)

Instructor: Roy Butler, NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer©
NYSERDA Eligible PV & Wind Installer
PA Sunshine Program Approved PV Installer
Four Winds Renewable Energy, LLC

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm

Call Continuing Education at 786-2438 to register

Solar Electric (PV) Systems – A Basic Overview

This workshop will cover the basics of grid-tie and off-grid
photovoltaic systems. Roy will discuss the installation process
from site evaluation, NYSERDA incentives, system economics
and sizing, installation and the grid interconnection process.
(CED 212 701)

Instructor: Roy Butler, NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer©

NYSERDA Eligible PV & Wind Installer
PA Sunshine Program Approved PV Installer
Four Winds Renewable Energy, LLC

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
8:00 till 4:30 pm

Call Continuing Education at 786-2438 to register

WPBS has produced a series of six documentaries, along with quick tips, under the banner title of “Energy Efficiency: Enhancing Home Performance,” that focuses on a variety of energy-related topics. Produced in conjunction with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), these television programs are designed to educate consumers on the benefits of energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR® products, and the residential New York Energy $martSM programs.

Program 1: "ENERGY STAR® Products and Home Energy Tips"

This program teaches consumers about the ENERGY STAR label, including the benefits of energy-efficient appliances, consumer electronics, home office equipment, computers, residential lighting, and air conditioning.

Every appliance has two costs: the cost to buy the appliance and the cost of electricity to run the appliance over its lifetime. Although ENERGY STAR products may have a slightly higher up-front cost, the energy-saving features mean the consumer will save every month in his/her utility bill.

  • See the ENERGY STAR products available for every room in the house
  • Learn why electronics that are turned off (on stand-by mode) still cost money
  • Find out the significant savings potential of ENERGY STAR Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and lighting fixtures
  • This show is packed full of energy-saving tips

Download Program Script

Program 1 Quick Tip 1 (Clothes Washers)
Program 1 Quick Tip 2 (Refrigerators)
Program 1 Promo

Program 2: "Home Symptoms and Building Science"

This program educates the consumer on household problems that can lead to poor home energy efficiency and higher utility and repair bills, and the building science behind solving those problems.

Learn how to identify that you have a problem:

  • Uneven or uncomfortable room temperatures
  • Mold, mildew, and condensation
  • Ice damming, freezing pipes
  • High energy bills

Find out how to select a contractor and what questions to ask. Discover how inadequate insulation, air leakage, and outdated appliances and equipment can cause common household problems. Learn the dangers of improperly vented gas or oil fired appliances (such as stoves, dryers, heating systems, and water heaters).

A house operates as a system, and common household problems mean that something in that system is not functioning the way it was meant to. Pinpointing and fixing the problem can make your home more energy efficient and comfortable, and can save you money!

Download Program Script


Program 2 Quick Tip 1 (Household Drafts)
Program 2 Quick Tip 2 (Furnace Tune-Up)
Program 2 Promo

Program 3: "Home Performance With ENERGY STAR®"

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program will show you where money is potentially leaking out of your home. We&#8217ll walk through a house with a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Home Performance contractor to diagnose problems that could be costing the homeowner money. The Home Performance Contractor also inspects and tests combustion appliances for harmful gases like carbon monoxide.

  • Learn what it means to be a “BPI-Accredited Contractor”
  • Discover why a Comprehensive Home Assessment (CHA) is a good idea
  • Know what to expect from your BPI accredited contractor and a CHA
  • A Comprehensive Home Assessment will give you information on how your home uses energy
  • A proposed work scope will list the work that can be done to make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, and safe
  • The proposal should include estimates of energy and money savings, as well as information on the payback period for recommended improvements
  • Learn about the low-interest financing available to help you make you home up to 40% more energy efficient

Download Program Script


Program 3 Quick Tip 1 (Choosing a Furnace)
Program 3 Quick Tip 2 (Replacing Your Furnace)
Program 3 Promo

Program 4: "Doing Business With NYSERDA"

More and more homeowners are committed to saving energy and reducing their utility bills. As a business owner in the appliance, electronics, and/or contracting fields, you can help. Learn how to become a partner in the New York Energy $mart programs! Offer profitable new energy efficient products and services, increase the satisfaction of your customers, and contribute to a brighter energy future.

  • Learn about training and certification programs, including those for single family homes, multifamily buildings, and renewable energy systems
  • NYSERDA is building a green collar workforce for New York. Discover more about NYSERDA partners:
  • Solar (Photovoltaic) installers
  • ENERGY STAR Labeled Homes Builders
  • Home Performance With ENERGY STAR Contractors
  • Home Energy Raters
  • Multifamily Building Contractors
  • Retail Partners

Download Program Script

Program 4 Quick Tip 1 (NYSESLH Builder)
Program 4 Quick Tip 2 (Retail Partner)
Program 4 Promo

Program 5: "New York ENERGY STAR® Labeled Homes"

Are you building a new home in the near future? Build a home FOR the future — build a New York ENERGY STAR® Labeled Home! Proven technologies and advanced building practices can make your home 30% more efficient than a home built to standard energy code. New York ENERGY STAR® Labeled Homes must pass a stringent evaluation, including computer-based energy analysis, inspections, and certification testing.

  • Find out what makes a home a New York ENERGY STAR® Labeled Home
  • Differences compared to a home built to code
  • Cost vs. benefits
  • Homes any size or style can be built to ENERGY STAR® standards
  • Learn about construction practices and products that make a home perform to New York ENERGY STAR® standards — such as increased insulation, high performance windows, ENERGY STAR® appliances, and other upgrades
  • Hear from homeowners who have built New York ENERGY STAR® Labeled Homes

Download Program Script

Program 5 Quick Tip 1 (ESLH Basics)
Program 5 Quick Tip 2 (Windows & Doors)
Program 5 Promo

Program 6: "Advance and Alternative Energy Technologies"

Are you interested in powering your home with "green" or renewable technologies such as solar or wind power? Then this is the program for you! You&#8217ll learn about the different kinds of green power technologies, find out if they are a cost-effective choice for your home and what they can mean to your energy bills and the environment. We&#8217ll discuss what advanced applications are best suited for your home.

  • Solar electricity, solar heating, and passive solar installations use the power of the sun to produce electricity and heat.
  • In New York State, we have a number of large-scale wind-power farms, as well as some on-site small scale private wind generators.
  • Geothermal heating systems tap into the earth&#8217s hydrothermal water reservoirs to provide heat to houses.
  • Radiant floor heating places heating coils underneath floor boards or tile to provide a uniform temperature from floor to ceiling.
  • Biomass fuels, like ethanol and biodiesel, are created from plant and plant-derived material.

Download Program Script

Program 6 Quick Tip 1 (Solar Power) Video Coming Soon
Program 6 Quick Tip 2 (Radiant Floor Heat)
Program 6 Promo

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ENERGY STAR® label is given to appliances and electronics that meet or exceed Federal
Energy Efficiency guidelines, without sacrificing performance.  When you’re in
the market for new appliances or electronics, look for this label. 

Check out the videos below for
more information!


Ceiling Fans

Clothes Washers

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs)

Computers, Laptops, and Monitors



Lighting Fixtures

Office Equipment






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