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HomeVideoCharlotte-Genesee Lighthouse | New York's Seaway Lighthouses

Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse | New York’s Seaway Lighthouses

Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, Rochester, NY
– In 1805, the port of Genesee was established.
– Because the port was partially blocked by sandbars, a lighthouse was essential.
– The lighthouse was erected in 1822.
– The keeper’s residence was replaced in 1863 by the present structure
– As sandbars shifted and the harbor changed, the light was removed from service in 1881.
– In 1884, the lantern room and lens were moved to the new lighthouse on the west pier of the Genesee River.
– 100 years later, in 1984, Edison Technical High School students rebuilt the lantern room …
… and placed it back on the tower.
– Now a museum and gift shop open to the public

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