Monday, June 17, 2024

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Nature Cat FULL EPISODE | Snow Way to Keep Warm / So You Think You Know Nature | PBS KIDS

“Snow Way to Keep Warm”
A fun day playing in the newly fallen snow takes a turn for Hal when he remembers that he left his favorite dog toy Mr. Chewinsky outside yesterday. And now, since there is so much snow, he can’t find Mr. Chewinsky anywhere! Nature Cat recommends waiting until the snow melts in a few months, when it will be easy to find the dog toy, but Hal can’t do that! He cannot just let Mr. Chewinsky be outside under snow all winter! Hal needs him and Mr. Chewinsky needs Hal! Squeeks has an idea. Using her tunneling expertise, she leads the gang under the snow on a search for Mr. Chewinsky. #PBSKIDS #NatureCat #Winter

“So You Think You Know Nature”
While playing in their backyard, Nature Cat and his pals become sudden and unexpected contestants on the “on the go” game show “So You Think You Know Nature!” Led by host Twig Stickman, Nature Cat and his friends travel, by the magic of TV game shows, to various exotic locations all around the world to prove that they know nature. How hard can that be for a nature-loving cat? It seems very hard!

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