Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Molly of Denali MOVIE | Molly and the Great One | PBS KIDS

Molly learns about her Grandpa Nat’s dream to climb to the top of Denali in honor of the first person to do so, real-life Alaska Native, Walter Harper. Inspired, Molly tries to get Grandpa and her wilderness guide father to climb North America’s highest mountain. They agree, but tell Molly she’s too young to make the treacherous journey to the top. Never one to give up, Molly enlists Tooey to join her in preparing to make the summit. Meanwhile, Trini is busy preparing for another big event: her mom Joy is on leave from the army and visiting Qyah for the first time. While Trini works on an itinerary for her mother’s visit, Molly and Tooey train and ultimately convince their parents to let them make the trek to basecamp and track the climber’s journey. On the eve of the expedition, an unexpected guest shows up – celebrity outdoorsman Mac McFadden, who’s also intent on summitting. By foot and dogsled, they make it to basecamp and learn more about Walter Harper’s trailblazing expedition. But the trip turns perilous when Mac decides to head out on his own during a storm. Trini’s mom, a helicopter pilot, makes a daring rescue, but is it too late for Grandpa to fulfill his dream? / Climbing Denali (Interstitial): A group of kids make a video comparing the original ascent of Denali and how climbers reach the summit today. They visit Talkeetna Ranger Station, where they learn about Walter Harper and the Stuck-Karstens expedition, and then they take a plane ride to Denali.

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