Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Molly of Denali FULL EPISODE | By Sled or Snowshoe / The Shortest Birthday | PBS KIDS

Grandpa Nat and Nina are out in the field observing an active volcano when it erupts! When their camera breaks, Molly persuades Tooey and her mom to deliver a new one – and to see a real-life volcano. But getting there won’t be easy. / Traditional Ahtna Town Names (Interstitial): Kids sing a song about the Ahtna names of places and use a map key to identify those sites on a map. / It’s winter solstice and Trini’s birthday. Molly and Tooey have planned the perfect present—a trip to Qyah’s best bird-watching spot. With only a few hours of daylight and after much delay, they reach the special spot at dusk, only to encounter an extra special surprise.

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