Monday, December 11, 2023

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LISTEN: The Longest Year, Episode 1: Fighting ‘the invisible enemy’ | ‘America, Interrupted’ Podcast

When the coronavirus first hit the U.S., it was up to scientists and medical workers to figure out how to control a virus moving more quickly than data and testing and resources could. In the first episode of a series we’re calling “The Longest Year” — which tells the story of the isolation, uncertainty, fear, loss and new understanding that have spread alongside the virus — we focus on the people on the front lines. A journalist who built a data resource the government couldn’t. Two scientists-turned-Reddit moderators fighting misinformation. An ICU nurse in New York who was the first to fight the devastating effects of the virus — and the first to receive a vaccination against it — and a public health director navigating a deeply politicized health crisis and wondering what it will take to reach the end.

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