Monday, April 15, 2024

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Limitless: Breaking the bounds of disability

Equal access to education, jobs and public spaces continue to be ongoing challenges for individuals living with disabilities.

In order to better understand these issues, we challenged our student journalists to find stories that showcase how people with disabilities overcome limits placed on them by doctors, teachers, family, and society.

The result is ‘Limitless: Breaking the Bounds of Disability,’ a series that reveals the ways youth with special needs rise above challenging circumstances to exceed expectations, and advocate for everyone’s vital contributions to society.

There are stories of individuals born with genetic disorders or cognitive impairment, and those who do not have one or more senses. There are also stories of those who lost mobility or contracted diseases that altered their independence, but did not hinder their accomplishments or morale.

‘Limitless’ is a series about the human spirit, its resilience, perseverance, and courage through overwhelming obstacles.