Monday, December 11, 2023

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Kellyanne Conway on Brett Kavanaugh: “The Good Guys Won”

Kellyanne Conway speaks out about President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the high-stakes confirmation process that followed, her reaction to Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh (which Kavanaugh denied) — and why she believes that ultimately, “the good guys won.”

“The performance of some of the United States senators on that Judiciary Committee will and ought to haunt them as they run for president in 2020 … there is very little evidence they wanted the truth,” Conway tells FRONTLINE in this interview conducted Fed. 7, 2019 during the making of “Supreme Revenge.” “What they wanted was his head on the platter, and instead, we have [him] on the United States Supreme Court. Like I said, the good guys won.”

Conway also speaks about Donald Trump’s list of Supreme Court nominees, the Federalist Society, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), and why she says “one of the greatest consequences of Donald Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton will be the makeup of the United States Supreme Court, and indeed the entire federal judiciary.”

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