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Japan’s new island, fake COVID vax cards and other stories you missed | 5 STORIES | August 27, 2021

PBS NewsHour’s “5 STORIES” serves up five interesting stories from around the world that you may have missed. On this week’s episode: An Ivory Coast painter turns discarded flip-flops into art, new research suggests chemicals in household products are linked to 900,000 premature deaths each year, an undersea volcanic eruption forms a new island near Japan, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers spot thousands of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards and artist Josephine Baker is posthumously honored at Paris’s Pantheon.

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0:05 From trash to art
0:51 Harmful household chemicals
5:23 Japan’s newest island
2:54 Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards
3:55 Josephine Baker enters Pantheon

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