Saturday, April 20, 2024

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HomeVideoIsrael airstrike kills World Central Kitchen aid workers #shorts

Israel airstrike kills World Central Kitchen aid workers #shorts

An Israeli airstrike has killed seven aid workers in Gaza. The group was traveling as part of José Andrés’ international food charity, The World Central Kitchen.

The three-car convoy , which was marked with World Central Kitchen logos, was leaving a food warehouse in central Gaza strip when it was struck three times. World Central Kitchen later said they had informed the Israeli military of the convoy’s presence in advance.

Of those killed were a Palestinian, citizens from Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom and a dual U.S. /Canadian citizen.

The IDF pledged to investigate the incident and said they will share any findings “transparently.” In a video statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the strikes unfortunate, adding “This happens in war.”

In a social media post, Andrés said “[The Israeli government] needs to stop restricting humanitarian aid, stop killing civilians and aid workers, and stop using food as a weapon.”

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