Painting with Wilson Bickford - En Plein Air Vol. 1

Painting with Wilson Bickford - En Plein Air Vol. 1

Painting with Wilson Bickford - En Plein Air Vol. 1

"En Plein Air Vol. 1 Siebel's Barn"

In this exclusive pledge program, available only through Public Television, acclaimed artist and TV host Wilson Bickford takes his easy-to-follow instructions on the road, painting outdoors, or en plein air! Siebel's Barn is a beautiful, rustic old barn with lots of character, located near Wilson's home town of Gouverneur, New York. It's a cloudy, cool day in late summer, and the barn sits amidst lush green foliage that will soon change with the coming fall. Wilson demonstrates how easy it is to paint on location, bringing the mood and beauty of the moment to life on canvas.
Using a few chosen colors and brushes, Wilson demonstrates how viewers can achieve dramatic, convincing results. The techniques demonstrated herein are easy to master and viewers can create your own masterpiece that they'll be proud of! This project focuses on Wilson's way of handling wet oil techniques and offers you the opportunity to experiment with a different approach and thus, learn a few new tricks. As Wilson says, Paint smart, not hard!

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