“Hot Buttons” to Heat up PBS Stations

A fun and fast-paced adventure to discover the world’s smallest surface of art from around the world, vintage buttons.

WATERTOWN, NY (January 23, 2023) – For centuries buttons have been a part of daily life. Before the buttonhole was invented, they were simply decorative items. With the invention of the buttonhole, they became fasteners that held our garments together. But the fact is, buttons are so much more!

Charming and irrepressible Fashion Stylist and Host, Peter Papapetrou, takes viewers on a creative journey of discovery. Along the way there are escapades and laughter as Peter and viewers learn about history and art.

In each episode of Hot Buttons, Peter travels to a new city to meet with collectors, dealers, and the fashion elite to explore the vintage button world. From garages to runways, he hits the ground running to reveal what lies behind this secret society. Tales of scandals, unexpected finds, and of course, values$$$, gets Peter’s attention. In the button world, money talks!

”Hot Buttons” is such a breath of fresh air, an exciting and original series concept” said Mark Prasuhn, President of WPBS. “It takes history, art and fashion to a new level.” As the broadcaster for series such as Antiques Roadshow, Craft in America, I know that our viewers – and those of our sister PBS stations across the country who we plan to make the series available to – will enthusiastically embrace Hot Buttons.”

Series creator, Patricia Scarlett, the founder of Media Business Institute, long a PBS fan, is “delighted that the series has found the perfect home where host Peter Papapetrou will unleash his charisma, wit and joie de vivre on viewers.” For Peter, Hot Buttons “Ain’t a typical history lesson! I’m on a mission to push the buttons of the collectors, sellers, designers and buyers of these precious little gems. This is the only time size does not matter. So Buckle up and get ready to pop your buttons!”

Researcher and Project Manager, Carleen Robinson is delighted for the opportunity to be “delving into the wonderful world of buttons. This is an extremely enlightening process and we look forward to sharing these experiences with PBS viewers.”



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