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Folklore & Frost

WPBS-DT produces a local documentary highlighting locations of historical significance in the
broadcast community where unexplained occurrences are part of everyday life. WPBS goes
beyond the broadcast by touring the same locations covered in the documentary.

This event is part history, part folklore and a lot of fun. Stay tuned for details regarding the
documentary and tour coming this fall on WPBS-DT. Whether you believe the stories to be real
or imagined, they have become part of our local history, part of Folklore & Frost.


  • The Paddock Mansion
  • The Paddock Arcade
  • Public Square and the Great Fire of 1849
  • Court Street Lot
  • Liberty Mall
  • Countys First Courthouse and Jail

Folklore& Frost: Legend of Early Downtown Watertown

Explore early downtown Watertown and some of its eerie history, brought to life on this half-hour DVD! Historical period approximates early 1800s – 1930s.

The Paddock Mansion: Olive Paddocks pride and joy. She donated the house to the Jefferson County Historical Society upon her death in 1922. Some say she still keeps a caring eye upon the house.

The Paddock Arcade: Built by Loveland Paddock in 1850 following the Great Fire of 1849. It is the oldest operating mall in the United States.

Public Square and the Great Fire of 1849: The fire destroyed nearly 100 buildings. Practically the whole business section of the city had been wiped out. Among the losses were two of the citys hotels, three banks, the post office, over 30 stores, and the old Trinity Church on Court Street.

Court Street Lot: Learn the tragic story of Mr. and Mrs. Whittlesey, who let their greed get the better of them.

Liberty Mall: Discover the site of the first village graveyard, and what happened to it. Have all the bodies been removed or are some still at rest perhaps underneath the parking lot?

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Folklore& Frost: The Big County & Beyond

We’ll visit the Jefferson County Historical Society,where it is said that Mrs. Paddock still protects her beloved home.

We’ll stop by the Burrville Cider Mill and learn about Captain Burr, who has been rumored to have stolen from ships on Lake Ontario and sold the goods to the troops in Sackets Harbor.

Guests of the John Hoover Inn in Evans Mills, NY have been known to hear Victorian-style music long after the Inn is closed and the patrons have gone home for the night.

The Sackets Harbor Battlefield became the center of American naval and military activity for the upper St. Lawrence Valley and Lake Ontario following the outbreak of war between the United States and
Great Britain in 1812. Recordings made at the battlefield have been reported to reveal muskets and cannon fire.

Built in the early 1800’s as a hotel for travelers and sailors on the St. Lawrence, O’Briens exchanged hands a number of times before becoming a
dedicated pub.

Don’t miss this 30-minute presentation of unexplained occurrences
…If you dare.

Folklore& Frost: Unexplained Occurrences

Folklore & Frost: The Big County & Beyond takes you to multiple historic locations in the "Big County" to include:

The State University of New York at Potsdam: Satterlee Hall, where Dr. O’ Ward Satterlee still roams the old corridors, and a ghost haunts the eerie costume shop Knowles Hall, a hot spot for ghostly activity Hosmer Hall, where Helen Hosmer may still be watching over her music students and the janitor who met an untimely end in Maxcy Hall…

The Brambles Inn & Gardens in Potsdam: where former owners may be helping the guests get a not-so-good nights sleep

The haunted basement below Spanky’s Diner in Massena

The Pine Grove Cemetery in Massena: where some spirits may not be resting quietly.

Don’t miss this 30-minute presentation of unexplained occurrences
…If you dare.

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